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My name is Stephanie. I'm the Queen of Quirky. This show features interviews with people I've met who are inspiring positivity, laughter and quirkiness. Life is short. Live, love and keep it quirky.
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May 1, 2016

Two strangers walk into a Sammy Hagar bar...... 

No seriously. That is the podcast.

Follow me on Facebook to get links to the Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival & Chicago Women's Funny Fest. Spoiler alert...there was very little follow through on much of what we discussed with one exception. Grilled Cheeses happened.

Non paying "sponsors"....

Sammy Hagar

Second City

Iliza Shlesinger

Portland Tourism Bureau

Omni Hotels 

The Green Room Burgers & Beer in Kansas City

Did I miss any? Listen and let me know!

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Apr 10, 2016

This episode was inevitable. When Queen of Quirky met Lizzy Acker, they knew they were destined for greatness. (Or, at least a great podcast.) Just go into this blind, but be ready for a rollercoaster ride. If you are listening to this at night (or day, we won't judge), you could even drink every time Queen of Quirky says "panties" and Lizzy cringes. And on that note, this episode gets the very first Queen of Quirky & Friends "explicit" rating. (I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty stoked.) Leave feedback in the iTunes store and share this one with every lady in your life. This is Lady Things and it's going to be your everything.

Apr 9, 2016

What happens when Queen of Quirky invites one of her favorite (and notably more popular) podcast friends on the show? Listen to find out. We discuss some behind the scenes of true crime podcasting, how podcasters are working together and alpacas. Yes, alpacas. I also get real about my Sunday nights. Aaron puts up with my jokes. For those of you who love the Generation Why, you won't want to miss this interview.

Also, a nerdy note about my audio- there is more reverb than I like. I consulted with and we decided it was my microphone input. I have already fixed it for the next episode! Thanks for your patience as this little podcast grows its quirky audience and fixes its quirky audio. Luckily Aaron sounds great. 

Apr 3, 2016

Well we hope this episode isn't unforgivable. Queen of Quirky interviews Amazon chart topper Author B.L. Berry. They chat about marathons, her twisty new book, and all about the lovely trolls on Goodreads and YouTube. Her new book is called An Unforgivable Love Story. You can buy it here but if you would do me a solid and buy it by going through my friends (I think) and fellow podcasters Crime Writer's On Amazon link, you'd be supporting not only B.L. Berry but another podcast. And just like the book, this episode is not over when you think it is, so stay until the music stops for the twists and turns at very end. 

Mar 27, 2016

Have you ever heard of a surprise wedding? The kind where the BRIDE doesn't know? Queen of Quirky invites Joe and Ashley Carey to explain this phenomenon. It gets kind of weird. At one point Queen of Quirky awkwardly asks to borrow the wedding dress. Then, Ashely has to wrangle her new husband's cell phone and they go on a Dr. Who tangent. Stay for the quirky life advice and Queen of Quirky's own surprise for Ashley. (Hasn't this girl had enough surprises yet? The answer is no.) 

Mar 12, 2016

In this episode, former roomie and current BFF, Erika stops by. We dish about our mutual ex-boyfriend and our quirky email group. We also have some advice for women in their 20's. It was a beautiful spring day, and Queen of Quirky had a powerful new microphone. So in addition to this fun interview with Erika, you'll hear birds, planes and dogs. (Something to work on for future episodes.) Stay for the end of the episode where I announce an exciting new partnership for Queen of Quirky & Friends. One final note- March is National Social Worker Month, so hug a social worker, if you know one!



Mar 9, 2016

Enjoy Queen of Quirky being on the other side of the interview with her friend and radio personality Bill Booth. They discuss her 5 minutes of fame on the reality show What Would You Do. You can see the YouTube video here. 

Feb 13, 2016

In this episode Queen of Quirky takes Valentine's Day less than seriously and interviews her high school sweetheart. They talk about their prom date gone awry, pet chickens, and a making of a fish murderer. (And yes, that was an Oxford comma.) Whether you are happily with someone, happily single or feeling a little off for this commercial holiday of love, surely, you'll get a smile out of this. 

Jan 24, 2016

It was cold outside, but the commas were sweating. Queen of Quirky interviews @SweatingCommas (aka Jason Rehmus). He opens up about a life not limited to staying put, the Oxford Comma and yes, dating. 

Jan 18, 2016

Queen of Quirky launches her Podcast with her friend, Katie Crawford, a member of the Grammy Nominated Kansas City Chorale. They dish about shoes, scooters, celebrities chowing down on Big Macs at the Grammy's and more. 

Jan 7, 2016

Hey Guys,

I thought it would be fun to post a series of stories I did while working for WUNC in 2002 about the recovery from Hurricane Floyd. A few notes: this first MP3 has a slight delay before it begins. I often wonder about Polly Warner, Frince Williams and Theresa Richardson. They were all wonderful women impacted by Hurricane Floyd in 1999 in Eastern NC. It would be so interesting to hear from them today. 

Jan 5, 2016


Hi guys!


I'm so excited for Queen of Quirky & Friends. We are up to 6 confirmed guests and each episode promises to be quirkier than the last. Thanks for your patience!